Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Building Barbie Houses

I know I must be quite old enough to not play Barbies anymore, but I still do! I don't really 'play' anymore, I make houses for the barbies. I still try and play, but it does not seem to come naturally anymore! I now make houses for my sisters to play with!

Yesterday, I made this lovely game lodge. It was so beautiful, that I decided to play!

My dad was given some pieces of wood for the fireplace as it is so cold here! Right now, it is pouring with rain! We used these pieces of wood for beds, tables, fireplaces, walls and the floor!

I had such fun designing and building this lodge! I used porcupine quills for decoration. There was a piece of wood with a square cut out of the top, so we turned it up-side down to make a fireplace. I put some broken up twigs at the bottom.

It was a very luxurious lodge! Here are the pictures!

Nancy's barbie's bed

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