Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wonderful Mothers

Yesterday, I was feeling sick. I had been feeling a little sick the day before, but nothing major. Yesterday morning, I got up and went to my parents room. I told them I was feeling very sick. My mom said that I must stay in bed the whole day.

This was a huge sacrifice for my mom, as she was feeling very ill herself.

I climbed into bed and took over the duty of looking after Rebekah.

Me in bed, reading with little Rebekah. I know I am not supposed to read when I am sick but there was nothing else to do! I was reading 'The story of Elsa' by Joy adamson.

I must say, little Rebekah was so good! She slept about 90 percent of the day - the other 10 percent she used for feeding and staying awake!

Mom looked after the house and after me even though she was arguably worse than me!

Mothers are amazing - they sacrifice so much for us!

"I would just like to thank you Mom, for looking after me even though you felt sick"!


Roberta said...

Did she like the story?

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

I do not know! I did not even tell her about it! Very nice book to read if you are looking for a good book to read!