Monday, June 22, 2009

All The Beauty In The World

What a beautiful world we live in! Just take a look at these pictures and you will agree with me!

While I was looking at photos the other day, I found these!

If I look at the amazing things God has made, I am overwhelmed! He created the Disa, pictured below. It is an amazing flower that he designed. I would want him to decorate my house if this is what he can do! Wow!

I remember walking in Natal with the owner of the farm, through what we called: 'the secret passageway'. It was filled with azaleas! It was so beautiful! He told me that he thought that the angles spray painted the flowers.
I remember being amazed at how beautiful the flowers were!

God is a wonderful artist, designer and decorator! We are privileged to live in a world he created!

These lovely views, these beautiful lilies! I am amazed at how beautiful he can make things!

My favourite picture is this one!

God is the one who creates, all the beauty in the world!

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