Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Princess Party

On Thursday, we all went to Durbanville for my mom to have a check-up. Seeing as we were there already, my mom suggested that I go stay at my friend, Heidi-Mari. It was her sister's sixth birthday that Sunday, but she was having her party on Saturday. She was having a Cinderella party. I helped Heidi-Mari with the game preparations and present wrapping for Pass-The Parcel. We had a lot of fun! Heidi-Mari's mom made the most beautiful Cinderella castle cake dress for Danika, and you can have a
look at the pictures she took of the cake on her blog. Everybody had to dress up as a princess. Beth and Gabrielle looked gorgeous in their outfits! My mom made a pouchstyle drawstring bag to match Danika's dress as a present.
We all had a great time at the party and all went well! I would just like to add that Danika, Heidi-
Mari's sister looked amazing in her Cinderella dress!

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