Saturday, April 18, 2009

My visit to Heidi-Mari

I have just returned from my friend Heidi-Mari.

We had a great time together, cooking, reading, swimming and horse ridinOur mothers met through the Above Rubies magazine three years ago
and since then we have been the best of friends!

Heidi-Mari is a great inspiration to me.
She is filled with the joy of the Lord!

Let me tell you a bit about her:

Heidi-Mari is nearly twelve years old.
She loves ballet and scrapbooking.
She has five brothers and one sister.
She and her siblings are also homeschooled.
Heidi is such a help to her mother!

Heidi-Mari and I dancing.

Heidi-Mari stays in Durbanville,
which is about an hours drive away from Fish Hoek, where we live.

We look forward to seeing each other when we can.

Good friends are such a blessing to have, as good friends are hard to find.

Heidi-Mari and I preparing supper.

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