Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cherishing Sisters

I am blessed to be the eldest of four girls, with another one on the way.

It is not an easy task, sometimes I get angry and shout at them or call them names.

But, I am always trying to be loving.

I am the person my little sisters look up to as their role model.

I do not want my sisters to copy my bad, selfish behaviour, I want them to see me sweet, loving, gentle, patient and kind. Displaying all the fruits of the Spirit. I want them to copy that sort of behaviour.

I am lucky to have siblings, sisters as a matter of fact!

I could be like my mom who only has one younger brother, who she never sees!

Brothers are not the same as sisters. Sisters can play baby-baby, dress-up, they can do sewing and be enchanted by reading “Anne of Green Gables”.

Yes, you can also play good games with brothers, but there is something special about a sister.

When I am grown up, I want to be able to pick up the phone when I have three sick children and a baby that is crying and say, "Come and help me!" I want to be able to go on picnics and let all the cousins play together. I want to be able to take my sister who is pregnant with her fifth child a meal and say "Can I take the children to the park for you?" I want to be able to have a good relationship with all of my sisters.

All this can only come through being the type of person Jesus was to his disciples.

Sisters are such a blessing!

Don`t take this blessed stage for granted, tomorrow it could be gone forever.

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