Thursday, April 9, 2009

Meet The Family!

From left to right: Hazel, Gabrielle, Kelly-Anne, Nancy, Beth and Angus
My wonderful parents are Angus and Hazel!
I am soooo blessed to have a Godly father and mother,
who love my sisters and me very much!

Nancy loves ballet and can invent a game out of a chore!
She is the comedian in our house!

Beth loves ballet too. She wants to do schoolwork all the time!!!
She is an absolute joy!

Gabrielle is so cute!
She loves to be the centre of attention!
The other morning she was helping Nancy
wash the bathroom floor and when I asked her what she had been doing, she replied,
"Me help Nanny"!

What a blessing it is to have family that loves you!


Stephanie said...

I just had to do some "digging" and check out your first post on your lovely blog :) I had to smile, my are simply adorable!

I am very thankful the Lord allowed our paths to cross. Hugs to you, dear friend!

Debby Ray said...

This is awesome...I see Stephanie decided to visit your first post Oh Kelly-Anne...this is so precious! I can tell you love your family so very much!