Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Walk Up Constantia Nek

Yesterday we went for a walk up Constantia Nek.

It is a walk that goes from Constantia Nek into Kirstenbosch Gardens.
You can get into the gardens for free if you go for the walk around.

We have done this walk once before with another group of friends, about 10 or 11 months ago, but they decided to do the loooong walk that ends up being more of a hike!

This time around, we went with a group of friends that have children, so they decided to do only the short walk!

It was a lot of fun!

We might not have been able to go, as my dad had to pick up a trailer, as he was going on a camp the next day and he thought that the trailer hire place would only open at 9:ooam!
Luckily, he phoned to check just after 8:00am and they were open!

We arrived at the the church (where we were going to meet) at 8:59am!!!

I packed us all some sandwiches and popcorn for our picnic in Kirstenbosch and I took some naartjies with for a snack along the way!

Along the walk, I saw one of my friends sitting on a metal pole that opens for cars when they come through, and I thought that I could swing under it.
Unfortunately the gate was not bolted, and it swung out from beneath me and I fell down!

Anyway, that was the first of my many accidents that day!
Once we got into Kirstenbosch, we unpacked lunch and started to eat, even though it was only

we picnicked by a little stream and a jungle of trees and bushes.

We played many games with all the children and it was fun!

Then, my next accident took place:

I was playing a game with a couple of my friends. We were climbing on the trees and we were not allowed to touch the ground, we had to stay on the trees and climb.

I was fine until the end of the game(I was the reason that the game stopped).

I was on a branch and I slipped off and scratched my tummy and hurt my rib very badly.

It was very sore, but I thought that I had just scratched myself till later in the day when I found out that I had actually bruised my rib badly!

Anyway, we left shortly after, so I did not have to feel sad that I could not play the rest of the games the others were playing.

We had such a lovely time!

Our friends, Daniella and Micheala came to play a little bit so that their mom and dad could go home and get ready for the next day.

We went to them for supper as well!

We had quite a busy day in the end!

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