Monday, June 22, 2009

Learning Through Lapbooking

I love lapbooking! It is such a great way to do schoolwork!
Schoolwork is much more fun! I am so glad we found lap booking websites that had lap books for
free on them!

Me, sticking all the little 'booklets' into my lapbook.

Beth is doing lapbooking and loving it! Anybody can lapbook.
Nancy, Beth and Gabrielle are doing a 'Big Sister Lap book'. My mom found this lap book on 'Lapbook Lessons'. You will have to sign up as a member. It is for free. You will be able to print all the lap books they give

Gabrielle always has to join in! Nancy did a sort of 'lapbook' with her! She is now doing a 'Big Sister Lapbook!

Beth did a 'Humpty Dumpty' lapbook when she did the letter Hh.

There are other wonderful websites and you can print as many as you like! Here is a lovely website that has LOADS of lap books, Home school Share.

Lapbooking is great fun, you can design all sorts of folds and things! On Homeschool Share there will also be a 'free lapbook templates' page so that you can make your own lapbook. We
made our own one when we did the Bushveld. Here are the pictures of them.

My friend did a lap book for her Llatl. (Learning Language Arts Through Literature) I am defenitly going to do a lapbook like hers for my next work book! I really love it!

We also did a frog one when we did Frogs. It was supposed to be for Beth, but my mom decided that it was a great opportunity for Nancy and I to learn about frogs. My mom can get quite carried away with school, and we had to have FROGS in our house! Well, they were only tadpoles, but we had to watch their 'Metamorphoses'. It was really horrible, because they were in our dining room so as I ate supper, our friends the frogs, swam around!

We also did a cat lapbook, which was really a lot of fun! That was one of the best lapbooks I have done!

I am also busy with a Zulu lapbook. We are still busy with 'Jock Of The Bushveld', as I wrote we were doing a bushveld lapbook. We bought it from Footprints Through Our Land. They have lots of South African lapbooks.

There are so many lapbooks! We now do lapbooks for just about everything!


kaelah said...

thanks for all the websites that you put on they are really great mostly the homeschool share one! Hope we get to see you soon.

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Me too! Glad you like the websites!