Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rebekah's Homecoming

Exactly 43 hours after my mom's C-Section, she was discharged from hospital! She came home on Friday with our new little sister! My mom does not like hospitals, and felt she could recover much quicker at home. We all excitedly awaited the sound of the bakkie coming down the road. When we did hear it, there were many screams of excitement, but not too loud, the littles were sleeping! We all had a quick turn to hold Rebekah, as my Aunty was leaving in less than ten minutes, to miss the traffic on the way home! Beth was the first to wake up, really excited that Mom was home again! Gabrielle was REALLY excited that mom was home! She came in with a scream of joy and was so happy with her new sister and was holding and cuddling her within seconds of her waking up! Gabrielle tried to hush and comfort Rebekah! It is amazing that a two-year-old, knows exactly what to do with a newborn baby.

Mom, ready to leave hospital with Rebekah.

Granny holding Rebekah at the cafeteria at the hospital.

I video recorded Rebekah's first bath, something that is very special to watch at a later stage. She was really good, not like the rest of us, who apparently screamed the whole time! She actually seemed to like her bath, until we took her out, that is!

Later that night my dad got us a movie, so that my mom could settle down while the littles were quiet! I held Rebekah through the whole movie!

Rebekah is really cute and extemely good! The newborn vests and baby-gros don't even fit her she is so small! It was an absolute shock when we saw how tiny she was! She is a 'real' new-born!

We have had people from our church and friends bring us meals. It is so sweet of them to take time out of their day to stand in the kitchen making us a meal! They even make salads for us! It has really lifted a HUGE load off my dad and my shoulders, the day is busy enough on its own without making supper!

My dad was home on Monday and Tuesday to help my mom and look after us. I was very sad when he left this morning! Luckily school holidays are round the corner, so he can be home with us a lot more! ( He is a school-teacher).

It is lovely to smell baby shampoo again, and to hold another baby in our arms again. She is another arrow for God's army and we are so privileged to be Rebekah's family!

Beth and Gabrielle posing for a picture while mom was away! They look so cute!

Five sisters together!

Beth holding Rebekah.

Gabrielle holding Rebekah. Being a big sister really suits her!

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