Wednesday, June 3, 2009

She Is Here!

She is here! My new little sister is here! I am so excited! Her name is Rebekah Faith Gray. She is the smallest, weighing 3.1k.! Praise be to God! She is here safely! I can sing and shout, she is here, my new little sister is here! I will put some pictures on tomorrow. I cannot wait to meet her in person!


Chris Cutforth said...

Congratulations to Hazel and Angus and all you girls, on the birth of little Rebekah. We are so pleased for you all. We hope Hazel will have a comfortable night and a good sleep, she deserves it. God bless you all. Thanks for the lovely update, recipe and photos of the lovely cards and biscuits and the horse show. Well done Kelly. Hugs for the girls, yourself and Aunty Charmaine and Mummy when you see her and for your Dad too - love Aunty Chris

Chris Cutforth said...

Congratulations Hazel and Angus and all Rebekah's sisters. What a lucky little girl she is to have such a loving family. We hope Mum isn't too sore and that she has a good sleep tonight. Hugs for all of you. Thanks for the update Kelly, loved the cards,photos of your horse show and photos of you girls and Mum. Love to all of you, not forgetting Aunty Charmaine. from Aunty Chris

Linnie said...

Congratulations Kelly-Ann, Nancy, Beth, Gabrielle, Angus and Hazel with the birth of your little blessing. Rebekah is a beautiful name! May God bless your family abundantly, I know He do already.
The Lues family