Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I Learnt Today...

I learnt a lot today – I learnt how to handle real life situations and how to stomach watching Rebekah's toddler singing DVD again!

I learnt fascinating things school-wise as well.  As Nancy and I are working our way through ‘Exploring Creation with Botany’, we dissected a flower.  We learnt all the interesting names for the male and female parts...the stigma, the anther, the filament, etc and their purposes.

I learnt that school work can get done in the midst of chaos and the constant ‘spelling out’ of seven year old Beth who is mastering reading.  I learnt that Rebekah can be kept quiet – all she really wants to do is do what we are doing – she cut up a flower and made a mess – lol:)

I learnt that many hands make light work in the epic clean-up before lunch and the even bigger clean-up afterwards. We work pretty well as a team. I found out that there is a real satisfaction in washing zillions of dishes:-)

I learnt that Zac, Beth’s puppy can in fact ‘fetch’ and bring back a stick. I also learnt that it is a good thing to use up all your energy outside, playing with your sisters - even if you are dropped more than once when in the pretend wagon that the seven year old is pulling. It’s okay if you are laughed at ‘cus you look funny' – really!

I learnt that we can get ready for a beach trip in more or less 15 minutes and make it up to the gate before our friends arrive to pick us up.  I also learnt that Mom needs a rest every now and then and that God looks after the weary...we had a beautiful time at the beach and Mom had a wonderful rest!  I learnt, too that my best friend is my camera:D

I learnt that I love my family more than ever!  I learnt that I do love my sister even when she cries because she wants the ‘pindt’ (pink) ice cream cone!  I learnt that I am blessed beyond measure...

I learnt again that Mom’s cooking is the best and that I love mealtimes at our house, full of fun and laughter!

I learnt that at the end of the day it is wonderful to be peaceful, finish a few projects – and go to bed. After a busy day, we all need our rest to prepare for the next day in our crazy, but yet wonderful lives.

I learnt again that Jesus loves me even when I sin, fail and make mistakes.

P.S. I wrote this for the fun of it and for the love of my family, my life and my Jesus. Yes, things go wrong, funny things happen and so do the good things. The aim of this post is to laugh over the silly moments of our lives – we need to learn to see the glass half full and to ‘laugh it off’ at the end of a particularly splendid and disastrous day:) Kelly-Anne


Jessica said...

Lovely post and beautiful pictures :)

Kelly-Anne said...

Thank you Jessica, glad you like it! Love, Kelly-Anne