Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Life Without...?

What would life be without these precious little ones?  I have wondered many times what I would do without them or what life might be like without my little sisters...okay...I admit, sometimes the idea sounds wonderful!  Very little noise, no picking up after them, no could be great to not have all those tiresome things, but would it last long?  Wouldn’t I get lonely once in a while?  Wouldn’t the peace get to me after a few days?  Would I really enjoy having nothing to do?!

I started thinking about my passions:  blogging, photography, paper craft and, I could have so much time to do all those things?  But – wait!  What would I write about on my blog?  I like to write about tot activities, recipes, crafts, etc.  Without sisters I wouldn’t be able to write about these things!  And photography?  My little sisters are my models and my helpers!  I couldn’t do much without them!  I love to make things and sew handbags and goodies for them, so without them I’d have no satisfaction in making things!  I’d be bored very quickly!  I’d also have no devoted little sisters to tell me that my cooking is great and that my cards are beautiful!

My sisters are my life, my love and my joy! Things may be difficult once in a while...yes Rebekah may scream at the top of her voice because Gabrielle took her doll or Beth might drop a dish and there may be chaos half the day, picking up broken bits of glass, my ear drums may feel like they are going to pop because there is so much noise, but when I think what they give me in return I cannot compare a life without them!

I am learning to curb my hot, flustered spirit that erupts almost every time something goes wrong!  It is my sisters that have taught me unselfishness, patience and requires a bit more on my side I guess, but they continue to teach me every day!  Gentleness is a beautiful thing in a woman and I am striving to be a loving, gentle and patient woman of God. It is my sisters who are learning with me and helping me along whether I realise it at the time or not!  Sometimes I wonder why in the world God decided to put me in THIS family to be THE eldest child and THE one who all my little sisters look up to – I mean, this is a huge responsibility!  But, I feel honoured that He chose me and I hope to serve him well in my role as a big sister!

Nancy, the second eldest girl, and I, fight like cat and dog every now and then!  We are so different in more ways than one and often slip into bad habits which cause each other to get angry and frustrated!  But fortunately we forgive, forget and begin again – that’s what I like about being close to my sisters and being able to share things with them!  Without them I wouldn’t learn the power of forgiveness.

And what if I didn’t have any friends close by?  What would I do?  My sisters and I almost always enjoying being together, whether playing, talking, dancing or having tea – we are there for each other.  If you could have but seen us yesterday.... we have an old trolley which my dad uses to cart heavy things around (furniture, etc.) and we have made it into a game.  One person pulls it whilst the other sits on a box in the trolley. We have so much fun playing our childish game together. We should enjoy being children as long as possible!

...And I was almost wishing my little sisters could I do this? How could I tell God that my sisters were more work than fun? I know now that fun is in the work – blessing in the difficulty and love found in sisterly affection! When I realise what life could be without them and what life is WITH them, then I want to praise God for His amazing blessing on me and my sisters – even in the rough times!!!

My sisters and I from left to right: Rebekah age 2, me (14), Beth age 7, Nancy nearly 12 and Gabrielle age 4. New baby expected in October!

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Jessica said...

Such a touching post, Kelly-Anne! Thanks so much for sharing it :)