Sunday, August 21, 2011

100% Loving Making Bags!

You can read here how I have started a monthly sewing challenge and my first theme is ‘bags’.  So that means I am also trying out different patterns as my examples.  However, even before I tried out a few of the bags I have set aside to make this month, I fell in love with making the ‘Just like Mommy’ purse which I found on Gluesticks.  I made two, one for Gabrielle and one for Rebekah.  But still I needed to do some more, so I made three more which will be stock for my future Shoppe!  I experimented with different colours and embellishments and here they are!

My favourite is the middle one with the felt flower! I didn’t think these bright colours would work as well as they did!

I am now working on a pink crushed velour pouch style drawstring bag which I hope to share with you before my challenge closes – you have till the 31 of August to enter your bags!


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