Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jesus Loves Me...

I belong to Jesus! I am His and He is mine – forever!

I know He loves me – He will love me forever!

My heart is His instrument; my life is His song...

All I have to do is take His hand – you can take it too!

I can ask Him anything anytime...

When I need Him, I pray – you can too, I mean it!

I belong to Him, as can you!

Jesus is my Saviour – forever and ever, Amen!

Entering this photo in Monday Moments – Letters/Words (click to enlarge image)

Blessings in Jesus name,


Melissa said...

Great post!
Thanks for linking up :)

Jessica said...

Lovely post, Kelly-Anne! I love the note about the carrots - very, very funny. My favourite picture is the one of the violin. Is it yours?

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi Jessica! Thanks! I know, the note about the carrots is a little weird but very funny! It works for the post, though! My fave pic is the one I entered in the contest, but the violin one is a close second!! Lots of love, Kxx

Heidi-Mari said...

Oh Kelly,
I just LOVE this posting!! It’s stunning and the pictures go’s so well with it!! Is it Nancy that you used? Such a sweet prayer too!
Have a blessed day my friend!
Lots of love

Shannah said...

Nice! I like how you made them all black and white!!!!

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi my friend! Yes, I used dear little Nancy's hands, but the clasped and the praying hands are mine:) Thanks so much for stopping by! Blessings, Kelly-Anne

Hi Shan and Melissa, thank you so much for leaving me some love!!! Lots of love, Kelly-Anne