Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gorgeous Guinea Pig Pictures

This past weekend, I said goodbye to Bagel and Donut, babies of Fudge and Cocoa and to Fluffy, Beano and their little sister, Honey Dew, babies of Toffee and Candy Cupcake. I’m going to really miss them, but new babies have arrived! Candy has given birth to another litter of baby guinea pigs!


And Bagel’s brother, Donut.


Beano.  Fluffy and Beano are brothers.

Honey Dew. Honey is a little sister to Beano and Fluffy, but from a different litter.



Melissa said...

Did you take these?? They're amazing!

Kelly-Anne said...

Yes! I love taking Guinea Pig pics because they are so photogenic and cute:D! Thank you for stopping by and happy birthday!! Lots of love, Kelly-Anne

Jessica said...

Aww, so cute!!