Monday, August 15, 2011

An Afternoon at the Beach

Last week we went to the beach as it was a very warm and beautiful day.  That morning I was feeling I needed to get out and take photos of something other than flowers:)  I had a wonderful time taking photos of the waves, spray and sand to my heart’s content till my camera’s battery died because it isn’t used to being on for so long:D  The girls enjoyed playing in the sand and waves even though the water was cold!  I can’t wait for summer!

I love Gabrielle’s reflection in the sand! 

...A typical Rebekah face full of emotion!  She didn’t want her picture taken!

Beth throwing sand into the air – don’t you love her facial expression?

All the Gray Girls together at the sea...this picture was difficult to get together because not everyone was pleased at having to have their dreaded picture taken! (Rebekah)

When we got home Dad was browsing through my pictures and asked why I took so many scenery photos and so little of the answer was that scenery is easier to photograph than uncooperative sisters!

This is my favourite photo...I love the reflection of the rocks in the water and the foam!

The beach we went to was so clean and there were hardly any footprints in the sand because the water washed them away as quickly as they were made...of course by the time we left there were lots and lots!

I don’t know why I like this photo so much.  I guess it is the glitter of the sunshine on the water!

This is a stunning picture!  It turned out so well! 

This rock looks like a castle and although I wanted to wait for the water to crash and make a big spray, it never did being too close to the shore.  The picture worked anyway and the reflection is pretty interesting!

...I know...too cute! At least I got a picture of little Madam’s feet which are so adorable!
Here are a few of my other favourite pictures:

The Lord knows exactly when and how we need encouragement or something to uplift us. We had been very miserable lately, being sick with head colds and having the sneezes and sniffles, so an outing to the beach did us the world of good and got rid of those cobwebs for sure!

Enjoy your week ahead!


Jessica said...

I adore your first picture that you took of the waves . . . amazing!!

Kelly-Anne said...

Thanks Jessica...I had a ball at the beach:) Love your wave pics, too! Kellyxx