Monday, August 1, 2011

Sensational Sewing Challenge - It's a Girl thing - Bags!!!

Hello everyone! It has been on my mind for quite a long time to start a sewing challenge on Beautiful Girlhood! Since I started sewing and realised just how much fun it actually is, I wanted to encourage more ladies, young and old to try! I ran this by my loving Mother and she thought it an excellent idea!

This will be a monthly challenge, since sewing takes much longer. I will post the month’s theme the first day of every month and then you will have till the last day of the month to enter. 
I will choose the top three entries and the winner will be chosen randomly.  Each finalist will receive a fun button for their blog.  I will post the finalists the next day with the new challenge theme.

The rules are very simple – the aim of this challenge is just to have fun and enjoy creating and sharing things!

Create a post on your blog with at least 1 photo of your finished product. If you have found your pattern on a website or blog, then please give a link to that website or blog.
If you don’t have a blog, you can e-mail your entry to me, that way more people can enjoy playing along!
Please link back to my blog so that others may enter too!
Become a follower if you aren’t already!
You can enter more than once, but with a different project each time!
Leave your link with InLinks – please note that you must leave a direct link to your post so that I can find it easily and leave you some love!!
This challenge is open to anyone of any age, so even if you are a mother, a grandmother or a little girl you can still enter!

But now, on to the first challenge and that challenge is:

It’s a Girl thing – Bags!

You can make any bag of any shape, size or colour! You could even do a search on the internet for bag patterns and tutorials. Don’t feel you have to come up with your own design; there are hundreds of free designs on the web!

Here are my examples:

I made a patchwork handbag for Beth who turned seven years old on Friday the 22nd of July!  She loved her bag so much and went out with it that evening!

Beth looked so cute with her bag! 

I also made a ‘Just like Mommy Purse’ for Rebekah and Gabrielle.  I found the pattern on Gluesticks.

Madam R loved her bag and wore it around her neck the whole afternoon – its cool having a big sister!

I made this bag for Miss Gabrielle. I just love the material!

The inside material is so funky! I also added a felt flower to the front of the bag this time because it was a bit plain!

I hope you can enter my challenge this month and please spread the word to other bloggers and sewers! I can’t wait to see your girly bags!!


Challenge closes on Wednesday, the 31 of August.


Nancy said...

I'm so glad I'm entering first!!! I love you!!!

Gabs said...

My bag is almost done...!

Kelly-Anne said...

Thanks my little sister:D

Wow! Thank you Gabi...I cannot wait to see your bag! I love seeing all your different ideas! Love, Kelly-Anne

Heidi-Mari said...

Dear Kelly
Thank you so much for hosting this challenge on your blog! It’s really a lot of fun to do sewing and you inspired me! Thanks my friend! I’m so glad you have so many entries!
I can’t wait for your next challenge theme.
Have a great day
Lots of love