Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beating the Blues!

Yesterday I was feeling very miserable. It doesn’t help that I am in fact sick and had to spend most of the day in bed.

What gave me something really fun to do, apart from making more muffins (yum!), and doing a few things around the house, was my camera. I started playing with the timer but the pictures I took didn’t turn out as I had hoped:(

Here are a few very random photos that I took yesterday:

My beautiful saddle which my Dad bought for me a few years ago.  I don’t really use it since I don’t own a horse and seldom ride anymore, but I had great fun using it in my ‘photo shoot of absolute randomness’!

I have also started taking pictures of rusted nails, bits of old wood, chipped paint and so on!  I love the bits of greenery and speckles of sunlight in this photo.

An old padlock gave me something fun to photograph...

...So did an old, rusted door knob!

As my dad was building a fence for the garden he had a pack of nails lying out and it made a super picture!

I LOVE this photo so much – it is probably my favourite!

Beth on the swing...I love all the different backgrounds, even though they are a bit odd!

This is my second favourite photo!

Sadie, our neighbour’s dog.

Isn’t she too cute?

I think I beat the blues yesterday and photography helped me...which photo do you like the most?


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