Friday, August 19, 2011

Time for Tots – Activity #11

Yeah! After a tiny break to work on some more toddler activities for the upcoming season, I’m back with a whole lot of new ideas for things to do with tots! (Hope you like the new Tot School button?!)

Before I go on to my activity for this week, I’d like to announce that at the end of the Tot School year, five of my favourite activities will be listed on my blog and each finalist will receive a 'Tot School Champ' button for their blog. But...the 'Top of the Tot’s' will receive a 'Tot Box' filled with fun things to do with 1-5 year olds! So now start sharing those fun ideas with me using your blog and you could be a ‘Tot Champ’! Read more here .

How about having a Tot Tea Party this week with your Little Ones? That is what Gabrielle, Rebekah and I did one fine morning this week! We enjoyed Tot Tea under a shady tree and chatted about fun things...we had a glorious morning and Nancy and Rebekah had made Mini Melting Moments with icing and sprinkles on the top!

Mommy bought them a new plastic tea set so we (Gabrielle and Rebekah) had tea in style! I was the photographer slash supervisor, but enjoyed it (almost) as much as they did!

Tea time for Rebekah age two, Gabrielle age four and me age fourteen...

Pouring the tea...

Putting in the sugar – rainbow sugar crystals, excuse me!

Pouring in the milk...

 And stirring!

Tea time! ...But wait! We forgot the biscuits!

Finally, after much pouring and stirring we enjoyed tea!

Oh yum...see the pink finger?  Yup, definitely a ‘biscuit thief’!

And – we are off again!  ANOTHER cup of tea for Madam Rebekah!


...Slurp (gulp!)

...Savour every moment!

...And tea time might be over...

I didn’t say quite over...don’t look so worried Madam Rebekah!

Now, when you have little sisters enjoying tea and biscuits like real ladies, do you think you would stand by and watch...? I didn’t think so...Nancy and Beth made a tea table for themselves! Now, we have school, chores and things to do, but help! We cannot miss out on all the toddler fun! Oh, no! Dear me!

They played ‘tea for ladies’.

...“More tea, darling?”

I hope you enjoyed my tot activity this week…and yes, don’t forget the ‘ladies tea party’:) I hope you are encouraged to have fun with your tots, I know they will love and enjoy having you make a fuss of them at tea time! An interesting thing to remember about doing things with little ones is that, once you have ‘filled up their little tanks’, as my mother’s good friend always says, you will be surprised how easy they will be! They will go off and do something on their own for a little while leaving you to do what you want to do for an hour or so! Another helpful and wonderful thing is having more than one tot…yes, sometimes there can be ‘double trouble’ but generally on the whole, they should get along fine and play nicely together!

Remember to share your ideas with me in the ‘Tot School’ page. Please go there for more information and to see the rest of my activities and those of others who shared their toddler fun with me!

‘To the tots’

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