Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Who needs Superman when you have a Superdad?

My dad has been a superdad these holidays! He has built us so many things to add to our garden!

My dad hasn't really had a 'holiday' these holidays, he has been busy building fences, pergolas and many other things! He has also been building raised garden beds and weeding others! He will actually have a holiday when he goes back to work!

Although yesterday's heat was unbearable, at 36 degrees Celsius, my dad persevered and built a beautiful rustic fence just outside our 'in-progress' vegetable garden where he has been busy weeding and building raised beds.

The fence looks great!

My dad built my mom a herb planter just outside the kitchen door. My mom has been wanting to plant herbs for a while now, so my dad got pallets from the local market here in Fish Hoek, took them apart and built my mom a planter. Even the nails and the plastic to line the inside of the planter were recycled! My mom was so happy! She got to spend some time planting herbs which she had bought 2 days before at Ferndale Nursery.

Taking the pallets apart.

Fitting the sides of the planter onto the bottom.

My mom planting her herbs.

We have a table and bench set that the owner of the market gave to us, outside next to the sewing and craft room. It is so sunny there and we wanted a pergola to go across the area where we sit. My dad had fetched some of his old poles that he had stored at my Grandpa's house, so he built a frame. Then he bought a few droppers from the side of the road and laid them across the top of the frame. He then secured a few nails in place and voila, we had a pergola!

Building the frame.

My dad will buy some more droppers as and when we can to finish laying across the frame, but for now, the pergola looks great!

Cody keeps getting into our already established vegetable garden and dug up some beetroot. My mom was so upset with Cody, as he had already dug up lettuce and tomato seedlings a while ago. My dad decided to make a fence next to the pergola frame with some shorter droppers he had over. It looks so nice and really matches the pergola, and of course, keeps Cody out!

My dad has been busy with lots and lots of work! Work he enjoys though and he enjoys the fact that we can now sit outside in shade with a fence to keep Cody out and a new raised bed which my mom has planted sweetcorn and beans in.

His next projects are building another hutch and run for our new Guinea Pigs (a post for another day) and shelves for our new workbox system we're hoping to implement this year (another post for another day!).

So you see, Superman came in the form of my dad these holidays!

Thanks dad! You're the best! I think we can now call you 'Superdad'!


Danaka H.J. said...

36 degrees Celsius!! Wow. It has been about minus 1 here in Nova Scotia.

Heidi-Mari said...

Hello Kelly-Anne,
Did you pick some of your herbs yet?
We pick every day! There is nothing like fresh herbs in food!
This morning we plant a whole lot of lettuce in our beds! And one of our big raised beds is not big enough for all!!
Enjoy planting.
Lots of Love
Heidi-Mari xxxx

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Hello D,

Thank you for visiting! Wow! Minus 1 is crazy! I don't think it has ever been that cold here in SA!


Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Hello Heidi-Mari,

My mom has picked some herbs already! I agree, there is nothing like fresh herbs in food! My mom planted some more lettuce the other day! We are trying to plant more lettuce seeds every two weeks or so, so we have lettuce every evening! Thanks for letting me help you pick salad ingredients the other day!

x xx x