Monday, January 18, 2010

Ladies' Retreat

This weekend was spent at a ladies' retreat at Rocklands, in Simon's Town. Our church organized the weekend, and lots of thought and patience went into it!

Special friends from church sponsored my mom and myself. Rebekah came along too, as my mom is still breastfeeding her.

On Friday morning, we had to get up and done quickly, as we had our first market of the year at Long Beach Mall. I stayed at the market till just after 5:00pm, and then my dad drove my mom and me to Rocklands, leaving Nancy to run our stall.

Once we arrived, I helped my mom organize her things, because it is very difficult to unpack clothes with a baby who sucks everything!

I stayed in a dormitory with six other girls about my age.

Then we went for supper which was very yummy, in fact, all the meals were delicious! After that, we went to our first meeting of the weekend. We had worship as well!

One of the little goodies that were put on the table.

We only fell asleep after 11:00pm!

Saturday was fun! We had quite a bit of free-time to swim, play soccer and anything else we felt like doing! We had two meetings and praise and worship! I didn't take many pictures, sorry!

After breakfast, we made a pot out of clay. It was a good demonstration of how the potter, Jesus, is constantly moulding us to perfection.

Later in the evening, there was a pyjama party. It was a nice time for all the young girls from ages 12 to 18 to share any troubles and hurts with two Godly women who could talk to them. Fortunately, I have a mom to share any of my troubles with, but some of those girls didn't. It was an eye opener for me! I didn't realise any of the struggles young girls I knew went through! I am not at school, so most 0f those problems I will never have, neither will my sisters!

We all received a little goody bag! We also had some sweeties and cake!

I decided to sleep in my mom's room Saturday night. I tend to miss my mom a lot and cannot go long without seeing her. She is the one who encourages me and helps me, puts me back on track when I stumble. Although she was there all the time, and I saw her often, I felt 'homesick' for her and Rebekah, I needed a feel of home!

The wind was horrific through the night, and I struggled to sleep, and so did my mom!

Sunday morning was still windy! We had a quiet time on our own after breakfast just to meditate on what we had learnt over the weekend. After that, there was praise and worship and a quick meeting, and then it was free-time for 45 minutes before lunch at 1:00pm!

After lunch, we were free to go home. My dad came and picked us up at about 2:15pm.

At home, I felt sad to have left Rocklands, but after a while, I began to feel better! It always takes a while to get used to home life again! I felt so out of sorts! We watched Santa Buddies again, and I had a shower. After that, I was back to normal!

Nancy took great care of my mom's vegetable garden and our Guinea Pigs while we were away! She did some ironing and helped clean the house before we came home. She was a star over the weekend and we are very proud of her! She did the Saturday market and finished the Long Beach one! Nancy, well done!

Rebekah was so cute!

Although we had a lovely break and enjoyed our time a lot, it is nice to be home! We are starting to settle into routine again and clean up the house. My dad went back to work officially on Monday and we are starting to get ready properly for a new school year!

I hope you had a great weekend!


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