Tuesday, January 5, 2010

High Tea At The Mount Nelson Hotel For My 13th Birthday

Sunday the third of January, was my thirteenth birthday.

I was given camera as a gift from my mom and dad (you can read the full story here) which I was ecstatic about as I love taking photographs and want to be a a photographer when I am older!

The day before my birthday, the 2nd of January, a lovely friend of ours, Aunty Sam, took me shopping for a dress to wear to my birthday tea. We met outside Woolworths at Blue Route Mall at exactly 9:30am! We walked into the store, and I saw a beautiful dress, tried it on, and amazingly, it fitted! Usually, shopping takes hours. We cannot find the right sizes, the dress has the wrong cut, and is not always my style. I couldn't believe how quickly we found the right dress! I felt like Cinderella being dressed by the Fairy Godmother for the ball.....thank you, Aunty Sam!!!

Sunday afternoon, I got dressed and ready to go to the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town, for my birthday 'High Tea'. We invited my Gran, Aunt and my dear friend Heidi-Mari and her mom to join us! Nancy and Beth came too! My dad took Gabrielle and Heidi-Mari's dad took her 5 brothers and 1 sister to the Scrath Patch at the Waterfront.

We had a lovely time at the Mount Nelson! Everything was so smart! When you walked into the ladies restroom, you felt like you had just stepped back in time and you were entering the royal cloakroom! It was totally a girls' dream bathroom with huge mirrors! Everything in that bathroom was beautiful!

Nancy brushing her hair! Look at the big mirror!

Waiting to go to tea!

We sat in the lounge part of the Mount Nelson and we ordered tea. At the Mount Nelson, you can order just about any tea on earth! Berry tea, Vanilla tea, orange and spice tea to name but a few!

Once we had settled down in our chairs and said hello to everyone, we decided to go get some munchies! They had all sorts of cakes, eats and scones! Fudge, fruit and more! Quiches, mini hamburgers and fruit cake slices! Oooooh, it was lovely! Everything was so lovely! We felt like absolute ladies!

We could go back for more eats whenever we liked! Beth thought she was in Heaven! She was allowed any sweet stuff she wanted! Wow! What a treat for a five-year-old! At the end she was full - more than full in fact! She had stomach cramps the next day, not suprisingly though, she ate more than me!

Hmmmm...this is soooooo good!

Heid-Mari and me.

Four girls drinking tea!

I took my camera along and took a couple of pictures! my mom and dad took some as well!

Mom and her five girls: Me 13, Nancy 10, Beth 5, Gabrielle 2 and Rebekah 7 months.

Five sisters!

My dear mom and me!

Daddy and me.

Granny and me.

Aunty Charmaine and Nancy.

Heidi-Mari and me.

Is this not such a beautiful picture?

We had a lovely time together, Nancy, Beth, my mom and I, with our lovely friends, Heidi-Mari and Aunty Linnie and my Gran and Aunt!

We will always remember 'High Tea' at the Mount Nelson Hotel!

Hope you had a great weekend!



se7en said...

Hi K-A, Your High Tea Birthday celebration looks fabulous!!! I loved being 13 and I hope 13 is a brilliant year for you!!!

Heidi-Mari said...

Hi Kelly-Anne
It was indeed a very nice time! I love the photo of you standing at the fountain and us lying on the grass.
Thank you for inviting me to this special event.

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Hello Heidi-Mari,

I also love those pictures! It was great having you celebrate my birthday with me!


Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Hello Se7en!

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit! Thank you so much, I hope this year is a good one too! I am so glad thirteen was a great year for you!


Denise said...

My name is Denise, your gran and granddad told me about your blogspot, I think you are absolutely gifted, this is a fabulous page, amazing in fact. I was thinking of starting a blog and you truly inspired me.
Keep up the good work.
God Bless You.

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Hello Denise! I am so glad you stopped by for a visit! Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing your blog! I have enjoyed every minute of blogging! Have fun!