Monday, January 4, 2010

New Look, New Style, Same Blog

As you can see, I have changed my background! I hope this one will stay on here forever, but I will have to see! I felt I needed to change the old one, as I was getting bored with it! I am sure many of you were too!

I also put a new photograph on with my title. Hope you like it! I took it at a nursery the other day!

I have also cleaned up my sidebars and added a few links and things. I have given a link to my dear friend Heidi-Mari's, blog. She started it about a month ago, and already has a number of posts for you to go through! I highly recommend taking a look at her blog!

I have decided to let you know my blog 'routine'. Hopefully I will be able to stick to it, but if I don't or don't get time to blog, please forgive me!

Here goes!

Monday Meal: I will share the new recipe I try with you. I will also show photos. I prefer cooking to baking, so instead of 'Monday Munchies', I have 'Monday Meal'!

Wordless Wednesday: I will give a photo that speaks for itself. I have done it for a while now, but I thought I would add it to the list anyway!

Friday Favourite: I will share a favourite verse of mine that I have read during the week.

Well, that is all for now! I don't want to commit to too much blogging, because, as many of you that come from a big family know, there is no 'set time' to do things! With Little Ones running around, there is always a possibility that there will be a crisis, and time will fly! As my mom always says: 'Expect the unexpected!'

I really hope you like my new background and 'routine'! Enjoy reading through Heidi-Mari's blog! Hope the sidebars are convenient!


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