Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick Clean, No Fuss

Hey, are you struggling because the house is always a mess? Does all your time seem to go on clearing up the living area and school room? Are you totally sick of walking over toys?

Well, if you are, I've got an answer to your cries!! It works for us, so it might just work for you!

You see, there is this most amazing thing called a 'Dump Basket'. "Okay"..., you're thinking, "this sounds interesting". Well, actually it's not. A dump basket is probably the answer to all your cries. It helps clean up your house, till later in the day. Read on to find out how the dump basket system works, and if it will work for you.

A dump basket, or box, gets stored for the day somewhere were nooooo babies can get hold of it. During the day, you can pick up stray toys and belongings that are lying around the house, and 'dump' them in the dump basket. "what happens to the toys and belongings"? you may ask. No, they aren't getting 'dumped' in the trash, they are just 'out of the way' till it is cleaning-up time. Once the day is over, one person can lift the basket onto their shoulder and pack-away the things that are in the basket. No fuss? You bet!

My mom is really the one who uses this most. It just helps her - as it does for all of us, because, I don't know about you, but we cannot function in a messy house, especially a small messy house.

We have found this system to work extremely well around here. We can get very bogged down by the house always seeming to be a mess. Now, we can just pop the stray things in the basket, and not have the hassle of wasting precious time packing away things!!

At the end of the day, Nancy or I will be in charge of packing away the things in the basket. We take turns: one evening Nancy will do the dump basket, the next evening I will, and so on.

Maybe you would like to try this system, see if it can help you!

Have a great evening!!


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