Thursday, January 7, 2010

'Guinea Pig Tyre'

Today I planted a 'Guinea Pig Tyre'. A Guinea Pig tyre is a car tyre filled with all sorts of Guinea Pig treats! We plant many vegetables in tyres, and it works quite well! Hopefully it will work, as it is our first time doing this!

I just want to harvest the green part of the plants for our Guinea Pigs, Toffee (mine), Fudge (Beth's) and new Guinea Pig, Cocoa (Beth's). I will write about these cuties some other time.

Mom came up with the idea of the 'Guinea Pig Tyre' (no pun intended!), I must say, my mom is a genius when it comes to thinking of things for our house, garden, homeschool and other things!

I am just trying everything out this time. I am experimenting with seeds that I have never grown before, hoping that something will come up! I don't know if you can plant sesame seeds, but, hey, I am trying anyway!

In the tyre, I planted brown lentils, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, linseed and millet. Guinea Pigs loooove anything green! I threw some linseed into one tyre a few weeks ago, just to see if they grew, and voila! They grew and I picked the green shoots for our little Guinea Pigs! They loved it, which inspired me to plant a whole tyre full of greens for our babies! (As you can obviously gather, I loooooove my new Guinea Pig, Toffee!)

Here is what I did:

First we stuffed crumpled up wads of newspaper into the sides of the tyre to save on soil. Then I added some compost to the tyre.

Then I put the seed in.

I laid some more compost on top of the seed. I didn't have enough patience to dig a hole for every teeny, tiny, little seed to go in!

Then I poured some water onto the soil and it was done! Now I just need to make sure the ground stays moist.

I cannot wait till the shoots come up (hopefully they do, I have my heart set on growing my own Guinea Pig food)!

I will post some pictures as soon as the shoots come up!

Hope the week has been good so far for you!



Heidi-Mari said...

Hi Kelly,
It is a very nice idea if you do not have space for raised beds.
Enjoy the Guinea Pigs!
I like their names!
Lots of Love

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Hi Heidi-Mari,

Thanks! I will enjoy Toffe and the other Guinea Pigs! Glad you like their names!