Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Daily Schedule

Yahoo! School has officially started!!

But of course, school cannot happen if the house is disorganized, chores undone and tummies not filled, so first and foremost, we had to draw up a (very flexible) schedule.

I thought I would share this schedule with you, and I will share what we are doing for school in another post.

WAKE: 6:15am

Maths with dad from 6:30am to 7:00am (Maths-U-See)

Personal Hygiene and Pre-Breakfast Chores
(my mom lists essential chores we each need to do in the morning, we don't eat till they're done!!!)

Clear Table and Brush Teeth

BIBLE (We use a programme called 'Steps - Character Building and Foundations of Faith')

LITTLE ONES: school with mom
BIG GIRLS: chores yes...more chores!!!

NANCY - prepare snack (discussed with mom earlier)
KELLY - clean guinea pig cages and feeding with little ones


LITTLES: free play

BIG GIRLS: school (this is where we use our workbox system, a post for another day!)

KELLY - make lunch
NANCY - quick pre-lunch pack-away, dry-up dishes


BIG GIRLS: clear table, clean kitchen

LITTLES: story time with mom and nap (!)

BIG GIRLS: school with mom and free-time
(usually my blogging time!)

ABOUT 5:00PM: Pre-Dinner chores and helping with meal preparation

ABOUT 6:00PM: Dinner

LITTLES: bath, storytime and bed (in the summertime bedtime is usually later than Wintertime)
BIG GIRLS: help dad clean kitchen, bath, free time (this is when I make cards or read in bed) We usually go to sleep anything between 8:30pm and 9:30pm).

This is just a guideline for us. We cannot expect to live 100% to this schedule, otherwise we will be very frustrated and unhappy
because, anyone with Little people in the house, knows that you actually have to 'expect the unexpected'!! This is very hard for my mom and I, because we are the ones who love to work to a schedule 100%! But hopefully this will just help us to be a little more focused about what must be done, so that we don't waste precious time aimlessly wandering around the house, not knowing what to do, or what is expected of us!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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