Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Veggies From Our Garden! Yippee!

The other day we picked our first tomato. Beautiful and red. We couldn't wait to try it. Unfortunately, we left it a little long on the window sill, so it was soggy, but never mind that, we had lots more coming!

We had another tomato on our tuna sandwiches about two or three days later. It was so good, and organic! We have three more tomatoes becoming ripe, and a few more on the way, but unfortunately, no more tomatoes will grow from the flowers, as we have basically lost the bush due to mildew.

And last night, we had a perfectly delicious green pepper from our own garden! It was also organic. We hardly had any green pepper in the stir-fry we were making because Beth and Gabrielle, who actually never eat sweet peppers, munched their way through the Julienne strips!

We are very excited that we are eating from our garden, not much, but enough to encourage us to plant more!



Roberta said...

got my invataion?

Karyn said...

Kelly-Anne Gray, you are a blessing and an inspiration!! I am a Mom with 4 precious little ones so far. I found your blog through a link from Linnie and Heidi-Marie's blogs and my 6 year old daughter has started reading your blog and loves it too :o) It is so wonderful to have beautiful girls like you to show the way for the younger ones. You have chosen the more excellent way in your life and I am so blessed by the things you write and the way you serve your Mom and your family. You must have an amazing Mom and Dad. God bless you and keep at it :o)
love, Karyn