Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Baby Guinea Pigs Have Arrived And Great Excitement!

This afternoon, Candy Cupcake, our biggest female guinea pig had her babies - three of them!

She was very touchy and aggressive this morning, and would run away before we could touch her. My mom said that she should have the babies soon! We were very excited!

Candy is mine/Gabrielle's. But of course I look after her. She really trusts me now, she even allowed me to touch her this morning. I have a special call for her, I use it when I feed her, as I do with the others.

Look at her, so big. We took this the other day because we couldn't hold her since yesterday. When I did hold her, a few days ago, I could feel the babies kicking and estimated there were three, on to find out!

This afternoon I went to check on her. Nothing. Then I lifted the lid of the hutch later, say about 20 minutes later and..... three wet, bloody, scraggly little things were lying there! I shouted, not meaning to scare Candy, to my mom and dad to come and look!

There is only one picture of them because Candy needed some peace!

I will post more pictures soon! All I can tell you is that the babies are cute, they are suckling, there are three of them, and oh, I love them!

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