Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Wonderful Week #3

Hello all my web friends!!! How are you all doing? We are all well here in Fish Hoek and we have some VERY exciting news, but you'll have to wait till the end of this post before you can see!

We did lots of school! Nancy doing Math-U-See.

Beth too, she is learning to write numbers!

While Gabrielle played with linseed!

Rebekah clapped hands!

We swam

And swam...

And swam!

I made this week's Friday Sketchers Challenge card. It was fun!

Rebekah munched a chocolate biscuit and got it everywhere - on me, on herself, the bench....Phew, did she make a mess!

We went to Noordhoek Garden Emporium and played on the jungle gym.

Rebeakh on the swing.

And looked through the window. She is so cute!

And Nancy scared me silly balancing on the edges....aaargh!

And now for the most special event that happened this week......

Candy Cupcake (guinea pig) had her babies - three of them!

Read more about them here.

So, now you know what we have been up to and the very exciting news!!!

Have a good week ahead!!


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