Saturday, May 2, 2009

Teddy Bear Fair

Yesterday we went to a wine farm in Constantia to the annual teddy bear fair.

Everybody must take their favourite teddy bear with for a teddy bears' picnic.

It was five years ago that we last went there.
Nancy and I were the only children at that stage.

Now it is Beth and Gabrielle that are going to this picnic for the first time!

We made some mini tuna tarts to take with and a few other little goodies to eat.
My mom wanted to make this a special outing for them.

Beth was soooooooo excited that she could hardly wait for it!
She had already chosen the teddy she was taking, on Sunday!

We packed them a little tea-set, so they could make their own tea!

My Granny had a stand at this market, so we went to visit her while we were there.

There were many exhibitors there. We entered a colouring-in competition, but we did not win.

It started to rain about the time we were going to leave, but we still had to take the things to the car!

It is a very long walk to the parking lot, so we were absolutely soaked by the time we were in the car!

In the end we had a lovely time!

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