Friday, May 15, 2009

God Works Things Out!

As I write this, the ground is soaking wet from rain.
It rained heavily earlier, and poured the whole of last night.
The wind is also terrible! I was nearly blown away when I went outside!

Just as well my show was postponed to next week!

I can really say "God works things out"!
As I wrote here I was supposed to go to my first horse riding show today, but due to heavy storms predicted, it was postponed to next week Sunday (24th)!

This means that my mom can also come watch! She was unable to come, as she and my sister, Nancy, were going to stand in for me at my Saturday Market, so that I could participate in the show.

At my riding lesson on Thursday, my riding teacher, Kirsty, told me that there would be a huge storm on Saturday, so it would be wise to make it for another day! (It has been raining and storming since yesterday).

I thank God that he worked this out, because on Wednesday night I told my mom that I really wanted her to come and watch my show.

This prompted her to pray for some way for God to work it out so that she could come watch.

God answered her prayer and made the weather bad so that the show would be another day!

I can only say thank you!!!!!

God does answer prayers!

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