Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby Shower! (9 more sleeps to baby)!

On Saturday we went to our friends so that my dad could watch the rugby. It was not really to watch the rugby, but for the ladies to give my mom a surprise baby shower! I was going to stay with my mom and help her, but I decided I would go with all the dads and the other children to go play putt-putt. Before we left, I asked my mom: "Will you be O.K. all by yourself"? My mom laughed at that, and said she would be fine! We had a great time at the putt-putt place and we had ice lollies, though it was rather cold! Meanwhile, my mom was being spoilt with beautiful baby clothes, towels and many lovely things! The ladies also gave my mom nappies and wetwipes, the practical things! They had lovely eats and things at the baby shower (one thing I regretted about going with the dads and children to the putt-putt place)! We had a lovely time playing putt-putt, though I came dead last! On the way home, we picked up some pizzas to take to the house where the baby shower was held, for supper. We stayed till about 8:30pm, as I had a show the next day. Here is a picture of all the things we got: We had a lovely time looking through everything and packing it all into the cupboard!

My mom was also given some beautiful flowers to take home with her! It was very sweet of the ladies to organize such a lovely time for my mom, it made her feel special!

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