Thursday, May 21, 2009

12 More Sleeps!

12 More sleeps till our little angel arrives!
We went to the gynae on Tuesday, and he said that our baby will come on the 3rd of June, as my mom is being booked in for a Caesarean. We are all looking forward to her birth!

My Aunty Charmaine is going to stay with us while my mom is in hospital. This is a HUGE answer to prayer! My mom and dad did not know where we would stay. They really wanted us to stay at our house, where the little ones know the routine. That's why, when my Aunt told us she would stay with us, we praised God! We really did not want to drive round the country to friends' houses!

My mom is really in the last stages of the pregnancy and is really tired! We all have to pull together to cope. We have to do her share of walking now!

At the gynae, we could not go in, as the room was far to small for all of us! Instead, my mom showed us a picture of a beautifully formed face! It seems as if I know her in person already! It is really amazing! It is amazing what they can measure and see on the screen! She is 2,9 kg already! The smallest of us all so far!

The cute little face! Can you see it?
We are all counting the days till she is born! I have her baby record book in the bookshelf, all ready to write in!

We all like to say 'goodnight' to the baby (even though it is still in the tummy)!

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