Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Cut My Hair!

Today I cut my hair! It was terrible feeling my lovely, long hair slip to the ground! My granny did it for me as she used to be a hairdresser! That means that I did not have to payto go to the hairdresser! It feels very strange now! I really wanted to cut my hair! My dad is not going to believe what I look like when he comes home! I had my hair cut once about two years ago, but it has grown a lot! It is much easier to brush now! Here are some before and after pictures of me.

Of course my little sister Gabrielle had to join in, she played with the wig my granny brought with (obviously in case something went horribly wrong with my hair, I guess)! Here are some of her before and after pictures!


Linnie said...

Heidi said:
You look different, but nice!
Gabrielle looks funny.
My mom loves your background.
Beautiful pictures.
Lots of Love

Ada Gavris said...

Lovely pictures !