Monday, May 18, 2009

Getting Ready For Baby!

At the moment we are getting ready for our dear little baby to be born!

Beth is folding Babygros and my mom is packing them beautifully into the cupboard!
It is not long till our precious little baby is to be born, just 17 more days!

My mom has bought white winter sheeting to make the fitted sheets for the cot. Yesterday we bought a mattress. My mom also bought some pink material to make curtains for the baby's cupboard and a quilt!

We are all very excited!

We are going to have a little 'nookie' in my mom's bedroom, that is the baby's place! It is going to be pink!

I bought the fluffiest pink blanket the other day! It is pink with white hearts on it!!
I also bought a pink receiver blanket with butterflies and flowers on it!

I really cannot belive that she is nearly here!
We love going to the shops and seeing all the adorable pink clothes!
I think some people cannot even hear themselves talking when we are 'oooohing' and 'aaaahing'
over the cute little clothes and blankets!

I will post some pictures of the all the things my mom is going to make for our baby!

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