Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mothers Day

My mom is such an amazing mother!
That's why I like Mothers Day, we can spoil her and make her feel special!

My mom has given up 'her' life, to raise me and my sisters! Wow!
Just think, she gave up all her desires and dreams, to be with us!
Whats more , is that she loves being a mom! She loves doing school with us, and baking, and learning 'with' us!

Mothers day is a day where we can thank the Lord for giving us a mother!

My mom uses Mothers Day to thank God for the privilege of being a mother!

This Mothers day, we had planned to go for a picnic at the Noordhoek Common, but at the last minute, my dad decided to go to Durbanville to visit his mother!!!

We can go to the Common another day, when it is not Mothers day! We are however, not able to visit my granny another day, because, it was Mothers day!

I really thank God for my mom. My mom is so helpful when it comes to school work, or when I need to talk to her about something!

Celebrate having a mom!

There are many children who do not have a mom that loves them, or no mom at all!

What would we do without a mother? I don't know!

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