Monday, November 30, 2009

Having So Much Fun!

We have been having so much fun here at home and we have been very busy with markets.

I am sorry I don't blog as much as I did in Winter, but now the sun shines and we go to the beach very often! I love boogie boarding and swimming in the beautiful ocean, and we are very blessed, as Fish Hoek beach is a very child-friendly beach! Even 5-year-old Beth boogie boards!

We have started a new market at Longbeach Mall on a Friday. It is a very good market, and although it is tiring, it is worth it!

We have also been busy with christmas boxes for the under-priviledged children. It has been great fun to go and buy goodies to put in a shoe box, and I will do a post on them maybe later or tomorrow.

I have been in the garden a lot lately too. I love weeding and checking on 'my vegetables'! We are growing sweet peppers, potatoes (by accident), strawberries and lettuce. We are also waiting for our cherry tomatoes to come up! We still plant in tyres and it is working out well!

The Little Ones' carrot seeds have been growing nicely!

We are busy experimenting with potatoes.

My mom ate that strawberry in the middle. She chopped it into her homemade muesli and said it was so sweet! The next biggest I'M having (when it is ripe)!

We have had such beautiful days here, and we have had breakfast, lunch and supper outside almost everyday! We were given a lovely table and bench set from the man who owns the markets. it is so nice to sit outside in the early morning and breath in the fresh air!

Horse riding is going well and I have another show on December 19th. So stay posted for pictures of the event! I fell off last week, but I didn't get hurt (thankfully)!

The days and weeks seem to be flying past! Before you know it, Christmas will be here! So now you know what is keeping me busy! But I will try and post as often as I can!


lgray said...

Shoo Kelly-Anne, I can't keep up with all the goings on in your family ... God has really put you as a family in the right place and how faithful He is in opening so many wonderful doors for you as a family. My heart rejoices when I read of what He is doing for all of you. I love you. God bless you. Granny xxx

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Ha ha! It has been quite busy here the past week or two! Love you so much!