Sunday, November 22, 2009

World Cup Show Jumping!

Yesterday afternoon all of us, except my mom and Rebekah, went to the World Cup Qualifier.

It was the highlight of the weekend for me! I had been looking forward to this event for many weeks!

All of the famous South African riders jumped in this class, so I got to see some of my favourite riders in action, and most of all, their beautiful, amazing horses!

The World Cup was a 1.50m class and my breath my taken away when I saw the sheer size of the jumps! I couldn't believe how 'effortlessly' the horses cleared the jumps!

I had great fun taking photographs and holding my breath for clear rounds for some of my favourites'!

It was very, very hot at Glenellen Farm, where the event was hosted! That was exactly why my mom decided to rather stay home with the baby.

Being able to watch this event was one of my dreams come true!

Tamlyn Clegg on 1st For Women, Glendon

Jade Hook

Laure Smorenberg

Barry Taylor

Dominy Alexander on Alzu Shiraz

Tamlyn Clegg on 1st For Women, Glendon

Oscar Ncube

Shaun Neil on Gold Rush

Lorette Knowels-Taylor

Gareth Neil and Mirage 85

What a winner! The fabulous Gold Rush and Shaun Neil. They were also awarded Victor Ludorum.

We had great fun! When I say "we", I mean me! I don't think the others enjoyed it so much!


lgray said...

Hi Kelly ... you sure did get to live out a big dream and wow ... how you enjoyed it. Reminds me of when your dad was young and they used to show lots of show jumping on the TV on a Saturday afternoon ... names like Gonda Beatrix come to mind ... love you lots. Granny xxx

lgray said...

Hello Kelly ... I posted an comment yesterday but it doesn't seem to show ... it really was a wonderful day for you, a day that you will always cherish and remember. How great is our God that He blesses His children so abundantly. Love you lots. Granny xxx

kaelah said...

Hi Kelly,
that must have been great ( I feel the same way when I go to dog shows or agility courses!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Hope you had a good time,
Love Kaelah XXOXX

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Hi Granny! Gonda Beatrix was a great! Did you know that she is now in the Sporting Hall Of Fame? My dad remembers watching show jumping on tv! I wish they still put it on tv! Love you loads too! Oh, yes! I will always remember that day, even though it was soooooo hot and I ruined my pants by sitting on soggy grass! Hey, well at least I can say life is never boring! Even a simple trip brings many suprises!


Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Hello Kaelah! Thank you for stopping by! your bunting is nearly finished! Dog shows are great too! Nancy and I are busy 'training' Cody to jump! He can jump 80cm with ease! Say hi to your sisters!