Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yesterday a friend of ours from church gave us their old trampoline for the Little Ones. There were a few broken springs and their son was too big to jump on it, as it could break. The Little Ones and Nancy were so excited, they could hardly wait!

Once my dad had collected it, they kept asking: "when can you put the trampoline up"? My dad was not very impressed that they asked so many times!

Eventually, while my dad was braaing, Nancy decided she had had enough of waiting and erected the trampoline herself! Where there is a will, there is a way! She did pretty well until the mat had to be put on. She then called my dad and he came to help!

"All hands on deck"! The Little Ones helping Nancy.

Gabrielle trying desperately to help!

Beth, very annoyed that the spring wouldn't go in!

They had great fun pulling and holding, even though it took such a long time as the poles kept on falling!

Just before it became dark, it was erected and the first person was jumping! That 'first person' was Beth! They were so happy, jumping and twisting and 'posing' for the camera!

Nancy doing some kind of twist. As usual, she went the extra mile and didn't just jump, she twisted and rolled and did just about every weird and wonderful move you can imagine!

This was quite a good action shot!

It was very sweet of our friends to give us a trampoline! The smaller ones are totally taken with it! They can now build houses underneath it too! I can tell you now, they are never going to be inside anymore - they will be outside, on the trampoline!

Already Nancy was outside early this morning reading the 'Chronicles of Narnia' on the trampoline!

I have taken some other photos of the Little Ones on the trampoline, and I am thinking of doing a scrapbook page, so stay 'posted' for a picture of the page!


lgray said...

God bless those friends for their kindness to you. Nancy - you sure don't let the grass grow under your feet! I can see what absolute fun you are all having. And Beth ... what determination! I'll be watching out for all of you in case you jump so high that you fly over Durbanville! Love you all lots and lots. Oupa & Granny xxx

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Wow! Beth would have to jump really high! Yip, grass could NEVER, ever grow under Nancy's feet! she is always designing things! We are so priveledged to have her in our family! We can always rely on her to design us something to play with! She is great at building things too!

Love you much!