Friday, November 13, 2009

Sewing Suns

The other day Nancy and I were given a project in our work-boxes. It was a sewing project!

We made these suns as a fun craft to finish off our unit study on the Sun (we have also learnt about what causes the seasons, day and night, the moon, etc).

It was a very quick sewing project, and Nancy and I completed our sun while my mom read one or two chapters of "Let Sleeping Vets Lie" by James Herriot.

What fun we had!

Here are some photos:

We used some stuffing, scissors, a tracing pen, three different coloured pieces of felt, pins, two buttons, embroidery thread, fabric liner (for the mouth and nose) and a needle.

Here are the links to the pattern and instructions.

Our cat, Jerry, seeking warmth on my lap. It has been raining just about all week, and Jerry has been looking for warm spots all around the house!

What a life! Nancy and I have had to wait to make our beds in the mornings, because Jerry has been sleeping on them till late! 'Let sleeping cats lie'! It was late morning when I took this picture!

I didn't put bells in my sun like the instructions suggested, I used stuffing. I also used buttons on mine instead of embroidering on eyes.

What is nice about this project, is that each person's sun will turn out differently!


lgray said...

Beautiful .... love the pic of Jerry on your lap. Odie did not come home two nights ago and he was still "missing" in the morning. Aunty Charmaine was quite concerned, but not as concerned if it had been Garfield (her favourite!) We prayed and lo and behold, on Tuesday evening as I was sitting on the stoep, he casually put in an appearance. I was happy to see him! They say you don't own cats ... they own you! LOL Granny & Oupa xxx

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

That is so true! Cats are so bossy! Poor Aunty Charmaine, she has had quite a run-around with cats going missing! I am glad Odie came home safely!