Monday, November 23, 2009

Military Tattoo

I must tell you about the wonderful evening my dad, Nancy and I had at the Castle Of Good Hope in Cape Town last Thursday.

We went to watch the Military Tattoo. We really enjoyed our time with dad WITHOUT the little ones!!! Nothing against them, but it was nice to not hear moans and complaints and "I need the loo" signals!

There were bagpipe players, police horse displays (of course, my highlight of the whole evening!), bands, choirs and many other wonderful displays!

We got there before 8:00pm, so we could get into our seats and settle down. There were quite a lot of people there, but it didn't matter because we were focusing mainly on the performers, instead of being squished!

One thing that you just could NOT do, was go to the loo! It was absolutely impossible! There were people sitting next to us for miles(!) Also the space between your feet and the next row of seats let me see......about 2cm! NO way you dared even ask to leave the aisle! You might get a few dirty looks!

Now, back to the event.

My dad got a lovely picture of part of the castle and Table Mountain in the background.

The police horse display was okay and at the end there was a horse and rider who sliced watermelon at a gallop! It looked like a lot of fun!

I have to say that I thought the bag pipers were the best! There is nothing like the sound of a bagpipe! We all enjoyed their display thoroughly!

There were quite a few brass bands playing. One band swopped instruments as they walked past each other! I didn't even notice them doing it!

There were quite a few cannons going off at the end which made Nancy and I jump out of our seats in shock! They were so loud!

I was a little scared of the soldiers and weapon bearers! I literally ran past them on the way out!

We only got home after 11:00 and were very tired the next day! It was all worth it though! My mom had worked so hard to prepare a lovely, smooth running evening for us. She even packed snacks and juice for us in case we got peckish! Mommies are wonderful! If my mom was not around, there would have been chaos! She specially gave up her evening to take care of the Little Ones. "Thanks, Mom!"

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lgray said...

The Fish Hoek Gray's are certainly very busy - not a dull moment - it is great that you are all having so much fun and had the opportunity to go to the Military Tatoo ... I agree Kelly -there is nothing as thrilling and stirring as the skirl of the bagpipes. Some years ago a cousin of mine got married. Her father was Scots, and they had a bagpipe playing at her wedding ... my brother Paul was in the Scottish Highlanders when he was in the army (years ago) and he will share your enthusiasm. Glad you all had such a great evening and points for mom. Love, granny xxx