Monday, November 9, 2009


As I have written before, we are learning about 'perseverance' for our 'Steps' programme.

One of the fun activities that went with this study was 'catching fish'.
My mom made a fishing rod with a dowel, a piece of string and a magnet.
The fish were paper cut-outs.

Nancy and I had the job of colouring in the fish! We each had to colour in four fish, as well as their backs, so that equals eight fish sides to colour in! And don't forget, they had to be cut out as well and glued together! It took a while!

We then used a paper clip to put on the fishes' mouths so they would stick to the magnet.

Each fish had a verse about perseverance that we had to look up on it's front, and a sentence on it's back said, for example 'keep going!'

Then, we put all the fish in a bowl and fished!

The other thing we used was a Bible.

Knowing the books of the Bible saves a lot of time, trust me!

Gabrielle really enjoyed fishing!

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