Monday, November 9, 2009

Guy Fawkes Day

Last Thursday night we went to the beach to watch the fireworks, as it was Guy Fawkes day. Fish Hoek beach is one of the few areas where setting off fireworks is legal.

My dad, Nancy, Beth, Gabrielle and myself went, mom stayed home with Rebekah, as it was pretty chilly. There were so many people there! We sat far away from where the people were setting the fireworks off. We could see perfectly though!

Last year we went down to the beach for a stroll, when we noticed several people setting off fireworks. We hadn't realised that Fish Hoek hosts an annual fireworks display on Guy Fawkes day, so we rushed home to bath, eat and get dressed in warm clothes and went back to the beach to watch. It was a great evening of free entertainment!

This year we were prepared! My mom had packed us sweeties and chips, and we picked up some juice along the way.

We were at the beach till about 9:00pm, just watching the fireworks - it was probably the longest any of us have sat still!

We had GREAT fun there!!!

My dad took some photos, but only a few came out well, since the flash only went off after the firework exploded.


My dad took a photo of the fireworks from the top of the mountain (Mountain Road).

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