Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Operation Christmas Box

There are so many children out there with nothing - hoping that someone would show them a little love this Christmas by giving them a shoebox filled with goodies....

We have been making christmas boxes for the under-priviledged children of Cape Town. We have had great fun buying goodies. The Bible is so true when it says that it is more blessed to give than to receive. We have all been blessed out of this project......to think that on Christmas morning, some little girl will open her box with delight and surprise!

My mom found out about this project from one of her favourite homechooling blogs, Se7en.

We have been busy filling the boxes for about a month, but you could collect through the whole year, so you don't get yourself busy and frustrated that you cannot find anything!

Okay, so what did we put in the boxes? Finding toys and things for a little box was fun! Nancy and I did our own boxes, while my mom, Beth and Gabrielle did one together.

I bought three playdoh tubs and my mom, Nancy, Beth and Gabrielle made playhdoh to put in the tubs!


Then my mom gave me a set of three Bible stories as I wasn't able to find any at our shops.

I also had a tennis ball, bubbles, lotion, packet of sweeties, a box juice and a teddy bear.

I bought a pretty pink t-shirt too. I also had sidewalk chalk and playdoh toys in my box.

Wrapping the box and it's lid was another story! Mine was the first box we had to wrap, but it took my mom a while to figure out how to do it! It was fun sticking all the Christmas wrapping paper on the box!

Once we had wrapped all the boxes, we put the toys in! Once that was done, we put an elastic band around the box, just in case the lid came off at some point.

Earlier today we delivered the boxes to the church running the project, so that they can distribute them on Christmas morning.

Next year we are going to fill Christmas boxes again. I encourage you to find a similar project in your area. It is wonderful for small children to help buy gifts for other small children. You would have thought the Little Ones were receiving the gifts!


lgray said...

Yes Kelly, it IS far more blessed to give than to receive and it brings far more joy and reward.
Rebekah is growing so beautifully, I can't wait to see her and all of you. 6 months old today!
Love, Granny xxx

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Rebekah is growing beautifully! I can't wait to see you again! Thanks for stopping by!!!