Wednesday, December 23, 2009


On Saturday the 19th, I took part in my third showjumping event. I rode Flashy Lady again, a cute little pony who is an amazing jumper!

I competed in the 50cm competition, 60cm accumulator class and the 70cm competition. The jumps were raised in the competition's jump-offs!

It was a difficult show for me. I was so excited that it tired me out. I was so unaware of everything that I didn't even hear the announcer calling me into the ring!

In my first class I didn't get placed at all. I did fine in the first round of the 50cm, but, in the 60cm jump-off, I forgot to do up my riding helmet. That caused me to lose concentration and I jumped the wrong jump and got eliminated!
I also didn't get placed in the 60cm accumulator class.

In the 70cm competition I got second place! I was a tiny bit nervous, but it soon evaporated when Flash and I were flying around the course!

The 80cm jump-off was exciting! I was holding the lead but then someone achieved a faster time than me! I got second place which was pretty good for a pony pair, at least I think so!

Next time I hope to do better, but for now I must be happy with peformance, even if it wasn't the greatest! I cannot be frustrated, I have to be happy that I got to at least compete!

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