Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Own Advent Calendar

Christmas is on its way! Wow! Already? Has a whole year gone by already? We are now busy counting down the days in a very special way. We are making an advent banner. We have made all sorts of advent calenders over the years including puzzles: putting a piece of the nativity puzzle in place each day.

My mom found this advent calendar on Activity Village. Then, each day you click on a number, for instance day three and then it will give you a whole list of all the things you can make and do. There is also a song and a craft. Sometimes there is also a computer game you can play. I loooove the 'Rain Deer Orchestra'. Have a go.

It took a while to make this calendar, but it was so much fun! I think it was one of the first big crafts that we finished in just one day!

Here is what we did:

What we used: ribbon, glue, sweeties, scissors and the numbers that you can print out here.

Cutting out the numbers.

My mom cut a A4 piece of cardboard in half to stick the numbers onto.

Beth and Gabrielle played video store while we did all the 'dirty work'.

We mixed and matched the numbers to the different coloured pieces of cardboard.

Sticking the numbers on the cardboard.

Punching a hole in the top.

Gabrielle comes to help. We sticky taped the sweets onto the back of each number card, but found the banner was too heavy and the sweeties kept falling off....not a good idea with drooling Little Ones around!

Cutting ribbon to attach the number card to the banner ribbon.

Tying the numbers to the banner.

Hanging the banner from one curtain rail to the other.

Hey, there is me!

You can see some of our other artwork in this picture, like the suns we made.

Each day my mom prints out a new Christmas colouring picture to place over that day's number, then we each choose a small sweetie......a huge treat in our house as we usually keep sweets to a minimum! By Christmas day we will have a colourful, cheerful Christmas banner decorating the room.
We had so much fun doing this craft, so why don't you do it too?

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