Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Making Suns

Today we made some spray-bottle painted suns with hand-print rays. We have been learning about the different seasons and what causes the seasons and now, the sun. All of this is for our gardening unit. The seasons play a big role in plant life-cycles, and so does the sun - a very big role!

It was great fun making our suns and even though I wasn't going to join in, I thought a little fun after lots of writing and studying would do me good!

We used a gardening spray-bottle for the paint so we could spray the paint onto our pieces of cardboard. Each of us sprayed two. Of course the wall (after just being painted by our landlord's painting company) was a bit 'spattery', but it recovered after I had hosed it down! (We used powder-paint as it comes off things like t-shirts and walls, in our case, easily!)

We used two different colour powder-paints, red and yellow. After a while our yellow turned to orange since we only had one spray bottle and had to spray two colours! Beth decided to aim for the window sill and gave my mom a bit of a heart attack since one of the painters were still here and at any time, our landlord could come and check on his progress and see the mess! Hurry, hurry, hurry! We VERY quickly wiped the sill down, hoping all the time the painter had not noticed the mess! Oopsie-daisy!

We then put the initial of each of our names at the back of the cardboard so the paintings wouldn't get mixed up - a regular occurrence here!

Once the paintings had dried, we traced around a plate for the sun. We then traced around our hands for the rays - the more hands, the better!

We then cut out the traced sun and rays.

Once that was done, we laid the sun, bottomside up and placed the rays (hands) around the circle, upside-down. We glued them down and anticipated the turning-up of our suns!

Ta-da! All done! A beautiful sun!

They were GREAT fun to make and we thoroughly enjoyed it! In the end, I realised sometimes we all need to have a little fun, even if it is the Little Ones schoolwork!

Till the next craft - goodbye!

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