Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Haircut For All The Gals!

A couple of days ago all the gals in the house finally had a haircut! Yup, ALL the gals! Guess what? We even had a personal hairdresser come and cut our hair (Yeah, right)! Actually, the lady who cut our hair, is the tea-lady at my dad's school. She is a hairdresser by profession, but works at the school and makes a little bit of extra income by cutting hair - she does a pretty fine job too!

Going to a salon would have been a nightmare - just imagine, little ones needing the loo, baby crying, hairdresser getting stressed, I mean, come on! Secondly, imagine 5 girls with hair that needed to be cut, um.....ching, ching? VERY expensive! To have a simple trim or cut at a salon is extremely expensive, and waaaaaay out of our budget!!!

All the girls and mom, except Rebekah, had a haircut and kept Bernie here for quite some time, but she seemed to enjoy the afternoon (chaos?)!

It was Beth and Gabrielle's first haircut but Nancy has had her hair cut before into a bob. I had a trim and the lady thinned my hair out as it is very thick.

Here are all the photos!

I know, not much difference, but she felt good!

What a difference!

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