Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Decade Of Memories

Nancy is ten today. She is an absolute joy to us! Here are her photos of each year! Sorry about the poor quality on some of them, her early years were pre digital camera. Happy birthday, Nancy!


Me at 2 years, 9 months, holding my new baby sister.

Six weeks
old! Check out that cool hairstyle!

One Year:

Her first birthday

Her first lollipop!

Her Dedication

Her first Christmas

Two Years

A teddy cake, yum!

Icky, sticky watermelon!

Three Years:

She had a piggy cake

Four Years:

Two pretty princesses.

A beautiful castle cake that took my parents literally the whole night to complete!

She started ballet classes

Five Years:

A flower garden party

She loves her daddy!

She has a style of her own

She loves splashing in the mud!

Posing for pictures!

Tea time

Six Years:

A pretty little six-year-old!

She got bunnies for her birthday


Boat trip to seal island

A cute gosling, Nancy loves animals!
Seven Years:

Riding Bolo, our old horse

Nancy and Gabrielle

Eight Years:

Our little ballerina!

An inventor of games!

Nine Years:

A cake that a dear friend made for her

Hunting for tadpoles! She loves nature!

A nine-year-old princess
And has turned into a.....

Beautiful ten-year-old princess!

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